Breaking News: “I had 4th STAGE prostate cancer, Here’s how I defeat it!”

The doctors told him he would not live long, and he was completely recovered after few weeks!

Can something as simple and cheap as bicarbonate of soda utterly heal cancer? It can, a thousand of people can confirm it. One of them is Vernon Johnston, who with using bicarbonate of soda been able to achieve overcoming a prostate cancer stage 4, which even spread to the bone marrow. Medical doctors said that there is no saving for him.


Vernon said that people are dying like pilots all over the world because of cancer expansion due to the increased toxin grades in all segments of society, from infected liquid, flesh, inoculations, to the poisoned air.

Of course, that are all bad-quality products in the world and the different levels of stress to which beings are disclosed, defence a vicious cycle of corporate capitalist system and cancers in “the worlds” and that is why people are dying. But this can be changed.

When Vernon was diagnosed with cancer, I told him that he should try to increase the pH in their own bodies, because cancer cannot developed under an alkaline situation” said Larry, two brothers, and Vernon, due to his advice, secured a cesium chloride, to enhance its pH-level in his method. In add-on, he did not undergo any other cares but he thought to defeat the disease with cesium chloride. He approached his problems without anxiety or fright although “doctors ” said he has not been able to live much longer, that it is impossible. Cesium chloride which he had ordered was lost during the transport, and since he didn’t have much stage, Vernon looked for another option with which he could conjure the pH-level in his form. He then saw a drug that is made from baking soda and maple syrup.

As he did not have maple syrup in the kitchen he exercised the molasses. He was determined to kill the cancer before it killed him. | NEXT – Vernon wrote about his whole care in a diary, about its additional protocol that is used…

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NEXT : Vernon wrote about his whole care in a diary

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