Mum who lost her daughter to cervical cancer at 23: ‘You know when something is wrong with your body… She knew. I knew’

Sorcha saw her GP to ask for a smear experiment in June 2013. A family history with the illness “ve been given” her cause to be concerned for her own health but she was repudiated a screening as she was considered too young .

Two months later Sorcha started to experience evidences associated with cervical cancer: abnormal bleeding between ages and pelvic contractions. She returned to her GP and this time a smear experiment was carried out .

On September 9, 2013, Sorcha was diagnosed with cervical cancer .

” When she came home and gave me the bulletin, all I could think was’ I know'” said Christina .

” You know when something is wrong with your body. You can tell when something isn’t right. She knew. I knew. I thoughts I’d known all along. There was always that panic .”

What followed for Sorcha was a lengthy, courageous and unpleasant battle with the disease. She digested countless setbacks and strives along the way but their own families say that she remained positive throughout and fought hard-handed, never giving up despite the losing her cancer thrust upon her .

” Cancer moves into your home, everything revolves around the disease. It restricts everything. The martyr almost grows secondary to the disease. Everything is just about the cancer .

” During that time I learned the name of so many doses. Too many doses .” said Christina .

Sorcha even underwent birthrate medication to collect her eggs, a decision that most girls her age will never have to construction .

Months of medication, good bulletin, bad news, fluster and sorrow followed with each day presenting a brand-new objection . | NEXT – Towards the end she was skin and bones. It was so hard to see her like that. My daughter. My little girl who was always full of life, who loved going out with her friends. A girl who was always on top of things…

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